Welcome, this is your starting point with AZPOST.  This will be the single place for your Personal History Form and eventually, upon successful appointment and certification, a resource for you to find information related to you.

At AZPOST we hope you are successful in your first attempt, but if you are not there will not be a need to fill out several different PH forms.  You will simply come here, update your information and share you PH form with a new agency.

Navigate to my.azpost.gov and click on “CLICK HERE TO REGISTER”, if you have not registered. Click “Log In” if you have registered in the past.

Fill out your registration information:

You will be sent a confirmation email to the email account you entered: Click “Activate Account”.

NOTE: Make sure to check spam and junk mail.

Upon email address confirmation, you may need to click “Log In”


Enter your username and password you set up if asked.

Upon successfully logging in, fill out your personal history form following steps 1-11

Upon completion click the share button to “share” your PH form with your agency:


Optionally: If you need to share with additional agencies you can use the “Share” menu item from the left menu:


IMPORTANT:  PLEASE NOTE YOUR FORM ID. You will need to provide this number to your agency so they can successfully add you to their queue




Search for your agency you wish to share with


Select the agency by checking the box next to it and click “Submit” at the bottom of the page:


NOTE:  Sharing your PH form with an agency does not notify the agency in anyway.  The agency will need to communicate with you directly to get your “FormID”.   This communication is between you and the agency exclusively.